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Located at Tan Son Nhat International Airport
(Domestic Terminal)


Bay Spa & Massage

Name was inspired by the continuous take-off of aeroplanes, carrying hopeful passengers, and by the image of birds soaring in the sky. Every journey is an experience. We invite you to visit Bay Spa & Massage as we want you to have memorable experience before and after your flight journey.

Enjoy every peaceful moment - where you become the master of your own time and hide-away from the noise of a busy airport - this is the experience you enjoy the moment you step into Bay Spa & Massage.

Being designed, set up and operated by top professionals in the field, Bay Spa & Massage is equipped with modern facilities, representing a premium spa standard, with more than 30 massage beds and chairs. Filled with greenery, essential oil aroma and soothing music, our spa atmosphere will surely satisfy the most demanding guests. With 7 therapeutic rooms of different massage chairs arrangements, we are able to cater for privacy of different group types. Bay Spa & Massage will be an ideal destination for passengers in transit, having a delayed flight, or airport employees.

The spa services offer treatments on specific body parts or the whole body, or treatments of different duration from 30 to 150 minutes, which meet the demand of various customers who have little or more transit time between their connecting flights.

If your feet get exhausted after a tiring journey, our Foot Massage, Bay Spa Signature will help nourish and care for your feet.

If you have muscle pain after a stressful working day, Thai Massage with acupressure, pulling, twisting techniques, will enhance blood circulation.

If you wish to "relax in a total peaceful atmosphere", we have Aromatherapy relaxing massage with essential oil.

In times when you do not have a luxury of time, the Head - Shoulder - Neck massage in 30 minutes will be a quick treatment to refresh.

All Bay Spa & Massage therapists are professionally trained and experienced in the field. Each therapist attends to customers' requirement with their delicate hands, bringing warmth, positive energy and dedication to customers. We highly regard customers' satisfaction and happiness as motivation for us to improve our services day by day.

Our motto is to ensure our quality exceed the expectation of our customers, striving everyday to improve our services, with the desire to bring worth-wide and memorable experience to passengers coming to Bay Spa & Massage.




This treatment begin with herbal foot soak for relaxing then followed by lymphatic foot massage. Horse chesnut extract in the Swiss-made oil and massage stroke will help reduce odema on the leg after a long day walk or flight.


Counteract the effects of long-haul travel with this re-energising, feel-good treatment!
Feet are first cleansed using our Detoxing Foot Bath before the reflexology massage is performed from thigh to toe. There are four main areas of the soles of the feet that correspond to organs relating to the head and neck, spine, chest, and pelvic areas. This technique works nothing but activate these points and organs to relieve pain, stimulate circulation, and bring the body back into the perfect state of balance for sleep induction.
The highlights of this highly-recommended treatment is the add-ons of Head massage with therapeutic Swiss-made product in harmony with the application of water-heated Mediterranean basalt stone on the key point for total relaxation.


Escape to a world of inner peace with soothing body & foot massage series for total well-beings! The package begins with foot ritual followed by the body and foot massage work on the specific points along the Meridian line in order to release the muscle tension and clear energy blockages. With 100% pure, natural blended oils mixed with therapeutic essential oils and special technique, the sense of well-beings, energy, flexibility brought back into the body is extraordinary!
You are waiting for the next flight at Tan Son Nhat International Airport? Don’t miss this change to try the spectacular one! What you have to do is close your eyes, Bay Spa will help you restore your body’s vital energy and unwind your tired mind!